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During this live interactive training program, you will learn how to hack QuickBooks, overcome confusing roadblocks & get more bookkeeping clients! 

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Bookkeeping Class

Confidant in QuickBooks, but need a little support and guidance with your current clients, and growing your business?

In this 8 week live training program, you will learn how to transform your bookkeeping side hustle into a profitable business!

Some of the top questions I hear from bookkeepers are...

"I feel like I keep running into roadblocks with your some of my clients?"

"It's hard to admit, but I really struggle with trying to break through complicated financial statements, and I feel like I am constantly trying to find out why the books aren't as accurate as I know they should be"

"Why does if feel like a constant struggle to maintain a steady cash flow because you spend too much time on your current clients?"

Or maybe the thought of taking on more clients mortifies you, because you don't feel confident in your abilities.

This 8 week live training program gives you the opportunity to finally break through barriers and grow your business without having to work more!

Classes are held weekly on Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST. Get the guidance and help you desperately need to navigate some of the most challenging and complicated bookkeeping barriers that are keeping you stuck.


Option #2

Looking for QuickBooks tips and tricks to help streamline your tasks?

During this 13 week live coaching program, I will guide you through your QuickBooks questions, guide you through any roadblocks you are having with your current clients, and help you grow your bookkeeping agency. 

QuickBooks Course

In just 13 weeks, you will have the confidence to present your clients with reports that you can actually explain and understand! In addition to QuickBooks training and giving you all the tips and tricks I've used for 15 years, you also get marketing tactics to help you get more clients and grow your bookkeeping business (and work less than 25 hours per week)!

QuickBooks Classes are held weekly on Thursdays at 6:00 PM EST, where you will learn the exact steps to master the craft of QuickBooks, break through some of your bookkeeping roadblocks, and grow your bookkeeping side hustle into a business.

Check Out Some Of Our Student Testimonials...

Sal. A

"Kim gives me the confidence to meet local business owners knowing that I can provide timely, efficient service based on the systems she shares." - Sal A


"I knew I wanted to learn from Kim from the first meeting I had with her.  Kim doesn't take short-cuts and makes sure even small details are recorded correctly.  Her systems are well thought out and organized.  She is also very pleasant to work with and truly cares about my success.  


Kim is a successful business owner because she has taken the time to learn how to do bookkeeping correctly.  She is systematic, organized, and a hard worker.  I have really enjoyed her classes.  She teaches in a clear manner and truly cares about my success. I have really gained a better understanding of QuickBooks and the importance of good systems when trying to grow my business.  I am more confident in my business because I know Kim will have my back when I need help."

Travis P.

"Kim is a phenomenal coach! She has helped me easily move through things that I thought were huge challenges. I got my first client within a few months of starting. I learned so many tips on how to be more efficient with the software, I'm able to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. Her systems make me look very professional, organized, and capable of producing an excellent product. I'm more than grateful that I signed up for her coaching." 

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What You'll Learn In

The Bookkeeping Class

8 Live Weekly Sessions Starts

Classes Held Wednesday 1:00 P.M. EST

(Join Today, Recordings Are Available!)

  • Marketing for Bookkeeping

  • Data Entry - Bank Statements

  • Data Entry -  Credit Card Statements

  • Data Entry - Purchase of a Vehicle

  • Data Entry - Loans

  • Data Entry – Inter-company Loans

  • Understanding Payroll & Payroll Entry

  • Sales Tax Entry

  • Deliverables to the Client

  • Deliverables to the CPA

  • File Structure

  • Technology Stack

  • Additional Resources

What You'll Learn In

QuickBooks Online

13 Live Weekly Sessions

Class Held Thursday's 6:00 P.M. EST

(Join Today, Recordings Are Available!)

  • Getting Started

  • Set Up

  • Classes & Locations

  • Sales Tax

  • Products & Services

  • Beginning Balances

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • Payroll

  • Inventory

  • Bank & Credit Card Feeds

  • Budgeting

  • Final Review

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Executive Coaching Created For

Beginning & Advanced Users PLUS...

  • Anyone who has QuickBooks experience or who is willing to learn

  • Individuals who want time and financial freedom based on their terms

  • Trained bookkeepers or accountants wanting high quality results

  • Business owners who do their own books, but need their staff trained

  • Someone who is self-motivated but does better in LIVE Trainings not pre-recorded

Founder & CEO of KAW Solutions

Who Is Kim Wolfe?

Great question! I own a very successful bookkeeping practice in Leesburg, Virginia and I've been helping businesses with their books for the last 17 years. As a result of owning and operating my own practice, I found my passion for teaching students aspiring to build a successful business like mine. I teach bookkeeping business management and strategies for getting clients.

On a personal note, I love traveling with my family and spending time with them at home or on our family trips. My family is what keeps me going.

I am on a mission to help bookkeepers, (put the story in here that puts it back to them)

Kim Wolfe, Founder & CEO

KAW Solutions & Income For Mom

Frequently Asked Questions


I train using real-life scenarios with sample client data and get students to process each document following the process. You can imagine it like you're going through on-the-job training. I even support my students during client calls and give them feedback on how they're dealing with their clients. We value the sense of community and support which is why we do live class sessions. During live sessions, you can ask the questions you want and learn from other people’s experiences doing advanced bookkeeping for different types of businesses. You can share your own experiences or struggles and ask your peers how they would approach the situation. You just can’t replace live interaction.


Let me ask you this. Are you willing to be trained to become a bookkeeper? Are you are willing to learn and work to bring your skills to an expert level? Do you understand the value that good bookkeeping brings to a business? Do you have some experience in accounting but would like to expand your knowledge in the field? Are you a small business owner and responsible for accounting for your organization? Are you are looking for efficient ways of doing bookkeeping? Do you have staff who needs training in handling the books? Do you believe in long-term success? If you answered yes to any of those questions then, this is perfect for you!


You will get a good understanding of accounting, bookkeeping and business basics. In the QuickBooks courses, you will level up your technical skills using QuickBooks Online.

I will teach you how to build your workflows, improve time management and even troubleshoot client problems. I can even be on call with you while you are talking to your client just until you are confident to meet with them alone. I will teach you by giving real scenarios and complex situations to train you in your critical problem solving skills. I am committed to making you the best bookkeeper you can be.


Yes, you probably do! We have found that there are consistent "pain points" in the industry even among experienced practitioners. Our program is designed to tackle those pain points. We teach how to get accurate financials every time.

You don’t stop learning even if you are the best bookkeeper in the world. Successful people stay successful because they continue studying their craft, polishing their skills and investing in themselves. Your level of skill and expertise is something no one can ever take from you. Did you know that in other countries like the UK, they require aspiring bookkeepers to take bookkeeper certifications programs. With certifications like those, you will stand out from your competition.



No. You are responsible for your success, both in this program and in your life. If you are in a place where you are unsure of the value you will have after completing this course, it might not be the right time to invest. My students succeed because they believe in the value they will be bringing to the table. I hope you do too. When the time comes and you are ready, I’ll be here to guide you all the way.

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$997 $1 Trial

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